Setting Up

To start using NIMJA you must have a Stripe account.

To create your Stripe account, go to
Stripe Login page.

Once you have created your Stripe account select “Manage your Stripe account”.
Stripe Welcome screen.
Select “Your Account” > “Activate Account”.
Stripe Dashboard.
Enter your business and personal information. Enter your information here.
Once you have entered your information select “Activate Account”. Activate your account.
You will need to connect your account to NIMJA on your phone after you are done.
Open up the NIMJA Android app, and tap the "Connect to Stripe" button.
Tap the white button in the centre.
Tap the "Connect my Stripe account" button.
Tap on the second blue button with a checkmark.
Enter your login credentials and tap the "Confirm" button.
Tap on the blue confirm button with a checkmark.
Congratulations! If you entered your login credentials correctly, you should now be able to make payments with NIMJA!
Yay! Now go make your first payment!